Job/Position Summary

Create SOAP, REST Web services with Java/JEE, Spring, and Camel for enterprise application. Redesign existing architecture into an Object-oriented approach to focus on unit testing and deliver error free application. Design contract first approach (using WSDL and XSD) and contract last approach for the SOAP web service. Work with object mapper tools such as Jackson, Dozer, and Camel converters to integrate routes request and response. Test web service with SOAPUI and Postman tools. Add security to the URI endpoints with spring security, WS-security, and use Jasypt to encrypt/Decrypt credentials. Process various file formats such as text, comma separated value, fixed length format, to store them in the database tables. Design web service and file drop endpoints to upload reports to Microsoft SharePoint. Create notification routes to send email notifications to business people. Work with Java Messaging System (JMS) – message broker, ActiveMQ, and Artemis to handle events such as notifications and to send synchronous/asynchronous message. Design unit tests with JUnit to test each logic written in the code and Mockito to isolate the dependency during testing. Deploy application internally in the server using tools such as Fuse and JBoss. Collaborate with testers to create test cases for the applications in development. Work with SQL queries, stored procedures, and Functions and Triggers to provide create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operation to handle request. Participate in daily stand up scrum, retrospective, sprint planning bi-weekly status update, and Backlog grooming meetings.


Applicants must have a Master’s Degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering (any), or related fields.

Mail resume to HR, 5250 Claremont Ave. Ste 249. Stockton, CA 95207